"When hard work, discipline, and talent come together, great things will surely happen."

This line basically sums up the life of an early 20s finally-became-a-millionaire and digital entrepreneur, Tristan Ilay. Aside from being a businessman, he is also an Accounts Manager in Project Commerce and is currently pursuing his education as a 3rd year college student in National University taking up BS Business Administration major in Financial Management. However, same with every success story, Tristan also had his own share of challenges and difficulties before becoming the person that he is today.

Tristan was originally an owner of a meat business; but being unsatisfied with the results, he decided to take up another job as an employee in a BPO company. To be more financially stable, he also tried entering the stock market but unfortunately got scammed. But this did not dishearten Tristan. Rather than dwelling on the past, he decided to take the risk and maintain a positive outlook in life.


Armed with the resources he borrowed from family and friends, and with the help of the advices of learnings and experiences, he entered the world of e-commerce and succeeded. He believed in his capabilities and proved all his doubters wrong.


“For me, it’s about not giving up and believing in yourself. Do not let others who do not believe in you put you down, rather use their words as a challenge for you to push yourself beyond your limit. Be strong mentally and emotionally because it is only through this that you will grow and succeed,” he stated.


Now, Tristan’s goal is to train people to have the same success as him. For him, his purpose now is to help and guide those who have the same dreams and aspirations as he has before, for them to be able to lead others in the future as well.



Tristan Ilay is a Manila based author of Project Commerce. He created the The Millionth Sale, an online e-commerce learning movement that he began creating while still a student. Now a full-time writer, Mr. Tristan and his team are focusing on aiding Project Commerce's goal of helping Filipinos learn how to sell online. You can visit him online on Facebook (@marctristan.ilay) or on Tiktok (@trisilay)

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