"It's not always about earning more, but also how to handle your money better."

Many try to chase the Good Life without investing in the tools that will help them get closer to the life they desire. As if chasing something without knowing the right path to take. You need to find time to read books that will give you the information you need, watch tutorials, listen to life coaches, investment coaches, business consultants, and do your research as well.


However, we all know that not everyone has the time to learn things about how they can become successful in terms of their financial world. And just like everyone else, are you living the common life as well? Having a regular day job, living by month to month, income equal to expenses, and not even having time to enjoy life and enjoy your riches. Not knowing whether you are getting closer to gaining financial freedom. Though the mindset of never settling is there, the knowledge of how to level up isn't. It's time you gain that knowledge, and maintain your hungry mindset.


Start becoming your own boss at work and in life! Here's a cheat sheet to assist you in your journey!​


A one-stop place where you can gain knowledge about investments, businesses, gain the mindset of never settling. No more guessing on what you need to read next, whom you need to talk to or listen to next, or what step you need to do next. Gain the financial education and get closer to your financial freedom.


The overall good life!

Jason Javier is a Manila based sales manager of Project Commerce. He created Money Tip Mondays, a financial independence learning movement that he began creating while still a manager. Now a full-time mentor, Mr. Jason and his team are focusing on aiding Project Commerce's goal of helping Filipinos learn how to sell online. You can visit him online at on Facebook or on Instagram (@therealjjavier)

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