Our Membership Programs

We recommend you to learn the process, learn the business, and familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the operations; but our goal is for you to earn while you relax. Let us handle the heavy lifting and just kick back and wait for the cachings!

1. Standard Membership Program

This is the most basic program Project Commerce has to offer. Bare-bones, no fuss. Here, we will be providing all our services, but it is up to you to earn and sell. This is recommended for seasoned entrepreneurs that are able to achieve significant profit through e-commerce already.

2. Business Development Partnership Program (BDP)

The BDP program is a system we have created where the PC team is the one who will work on your store, from the ground up to its millionth sale and beyond.

  • Website Creation

  • Continuous Product Hunting

  • Advanced Market Research and Paid Advertising

  • Photo and Video Editing

  • Social Media Management

  • Order Management and Weekly Reporting

The program that is the most recommended one and has given the best value to most of our partners. Suitable to all aspiring business owners; for those who are not yet familiarized with the whole process but wants to earn nonetheless. 

Things To Consider:

Project Commerce is known for its quality services for less. Renowned for one of the most transparent and affordable dropshipping service provider in the Philippines; it is our drive to see you earn first, before us. We have to accept and understand that nothing in life comes for free, but we are there to assist you with the best service your investment can procure!

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