Content creator, educator, and the CEO of Project Commerce.


Director. Designer. Speaker.

Migo is a creative professional working over 8 years in the fields of sales, customer service, advertising, and content creation.


Slowly being recognized by the e-commerce industry, winning multiple corporate partnerships and projects, including a multimillion campaign project with MHC, currently on the top 200 companies in the Philippines. 


As an educator, Migo creates workshops and courses in his own company, Project Commerce, where he shares insights and stories from he and his team's journey as entrepreneurs, to help others navigate their own online store to success.


Their mission, to help 1,000,000 Filipinos earn more online so they too can have a comfortable life of their own.

Migo has also collaborated with leading companies and brands in his days in the marketing field such as Electrolux Professional, LG, Avida Group, Mr. Laba Luvah, 1Rockford, Grand Monaco, and many others.

Some of Migo's collaborations include companies like PAL, Cebu Pacific, Saudia Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Air, Ethihad, Turkish Airlines and Cathay Pacific since his professional travel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Also fortunate to travel across the globe to work with different individuals including in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany and France.

Beyond all his works, Migo speaks at local and international conferences and meetings about his experiences in the industry.

He likes writing as a pastime. 🖋


Project Commerce - Owner / Managing Director

Overseeing everything, making sure that all value going out is entertaining, educational and impactful.

He also author content, courses, and kits that helps Filipinos around the world level-up.

Before Project Commerce

Before transitioning to digital marketing and sales, Migo was a customer service representative, turned supervisor in the trading and aviation industry, and that is why he got to collaborate with different individuals around the world.

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